Writers of the Future 1st Quarter 2013 Honorable Mention

Writers of the Future 1st Qtr 2013I’ve said it before, and I probably will again, but Writers of the Future is a good place for those who have yet to break into the big magazines (or haven’t had enough acceptances to be disqualified). Your story is put in front of industry experts (though remember it’s still subjective as are all editorial decisions), and more to the point, you’re given fixed deadlines to shoot for. It’s good practice whether or not you make it to one of the announced levels, and if you do make top ranking, there’s not only a cash prize but a writing workshop with strong teachers on offer.

Besides, Joni, the coordinator, is a very nice, encouraging person. One tip: If something goes wonky in your submission, don’t despair. Drop her a line and she’ll fix it.

Anyway, so my reason for the post is Bought and Paid For, a short story originally created in a character building fifth wheel marathon I ran on Forward Motion, and for which I used Holly Lisle’s Create A Character Clinic, received an Honorable Mention (HM) for the First Quarter of Writers of the Future in 2013. Often, HM stories go on to find homes in other markets because of the subjective factor I mentioned above. Here’s hoping this one finds its proper place. You can see my name listed here.

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