WorldCon 2018 Authors to Check Out and More

I haven’t yet posted the bookmarks and cards I picked up at WorldCon, so here they are in “annotated” form.

I picked up quite a few, and given the size of my to-be-read pile, it’ll take time to get to them all. Though I like to share with you, these posts also serve as a reminder for me. I met a lot of interesting people and many of them authors with intriguing story teasers. A couple of these cards aren’t for books directly, but they’re writing/reading related, and are things I want to remember.

Some of the people I saw/spoke to, like Steve Barnes, offered reminders of authors I’ve read but not recently, while others were brand new to me and often with stories skirting the edges of what traditional publishing will get behind. I say the edges because stories with diverse characters and non-traditional narratives have made it in the traditional publishing world at times, but it is often an uphill battle, as three-time Hugo winner N.K. Jemisin mentioned in her Hugo acceptance speech.

This means these posts serve a second purpose in raising the visibility of authors who might otherwise have been overlooked. If you check any of these authors out, I’d love to hear what you thought. It may nudge a particular story higher in my pile.

Paper Angel Press has a number of titles I thought sounded interesting. You can download a sampler from the site (the top left image), but here are the titles that appealed to me.

Paper Angel Press

Loren Rhoads offered a mini-book containing an Alondra DeCourval story instead of a bookmark to introduce readers to her writing. It’s a neat idea, and a good reminder since I’ve been planning to read her (again) for some time.
The Fatal Book (An Alondra DeCourval Story) by Loren Rhoads

B Cubed Press and The Transference Engine






Phyllis Irene Radford, the editor of several anthologies I’ve been in, is associated with B Cubed Press, so keep your ears out for fun books and interesting anthology concepts.

I also picked up this bookmark from their table (the cropping and angle are all my fault) and noted there are additional Shadow Conspiracy anthologies. I enjoyed the one I read (though it was years ago).

Here are two more author cards. Rebecca I already know from BayCon and following her adventures on her blog. Raven Oak is new to me, but had a dealer’s table and interesting stories to tell.

Raven Oak and Rebecca Inch-Partridge

While not fiction, exactly, BroadUniverse is an organization devoted to supporting female authors of science fiction and fantasy. I looked into them some time ago, but my vision has changed.

BroadUniverse and The Steampunk Explorer

The Steampunk Explorer is a blog where you can keep up-to-date with the steampunk world, and lovely photographs accompany each article.

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