When the Shoe Won’t Fit (Aurora in the Dawn)

In Aurora in the Dawn

A deformed creche-worker stoically bears taunting from the younger fairies but when another misfit baby arrives, she refuses to stand aside as he suffers.


Aurora in the DawnAppearing in Aurora in the Dawn, an anthology from Aurora Wolf, When the Shoe Won’t Fit tells the tale of a young fairy who is teased by the others for her large feet and clumsy size, but it’s not until a human baby is added to her charges that she starts to wonder if her differences are more than just flaws. In helping an innocent babe, a whole new world is opened to her.

Just because it’s always been that way doesn’t make it right.

Join Tiptoe as she discovers the truth about her life.

When the Shoe Won’t Fit is one of many delightful fantasy and science fiction short stories available in Aurora in the Dawn published by Aurora Wolf.


Tiptoe pushed the cradle, her stiff overalls rustling with the movement. Her large, flat foot almost crushed the delicate vines making up the cradle’s form. “Hush, little one. I’m here.”

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