War Child

A Fantasy Short Story

War Child by Margaret McGaffey Fisk


Author: Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Publisher: TTO Publishing
eBook Publication Date: Nov 2013
Formats: Mobi (Kindle), ePub (Nook, Kobo, etc.), and PDF
eBook ISBN-13: 294-0-04541-963-5

A Lover’s Passion. A Warrior’s Loyalty. A Mother Divided.

Melnae grew up on tales of fire-eating demons and even fought in the shahran’s army. Now, a demon force approaches her home while her daughter bears the mark of a fire-eater. Can she protect her daughter without betraying her people?

Sometimes the wounds of war are more than skin deep, but bring with them treasures.

War Child is an original short story appearing for its first time as a standalone eBook.


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