Update on Shadows and me…

I certainly didn’t mean to drop off the map like this after doing so much better about posting at least once a month. I wonder if anyone is even listening anymore ;). Life happened to me in a big way on the health front, and summers are not the best time for me in any case because my main job becomes chauffeur across state lines.

Now here’s the good news :D.

My main project for the year, Shadows, was in others’ hands as you might have remembered. So all that life happens stuff that I’m now recovering from did not affect my progress :). Sometimes the luck is with you even when it feels like it’s as far away as humanly (or not so humanly) possible.

So, the update on Shadows is this:

Both crits are back into my hands. Both critters have indicated I should not throw up my hands in despair and set the manuscript alight so I can dance on its ashes.

Beyond that? I’m afraid I don’t yet know, but I have hopes to crack open the files this week and start planning my next move :), one that will, I hope, involve more consistent updates here.

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17 Responses to Update on Shadows and me…

  1. ca_bookwyrm says:

    We still listen!

    I’m glad to hear that all is going well, or at least well enough that it’s considered “good” news. And here’s hoping the next move is a “good” one as well!

  2. Bigs hugs for the life happens stuff. BIG hugs!

    You’re still one of the brightest stars around. 🙂

    And don’t you dare think of reducing Shadows to ashes. Best read I’ve enjoyed this year!

    • marfisk says:

      See, it’s comments like that that make me look forward to reading the crits :D. And I can tell you, I’m burning a lot brighter now than a short while ago :). Still, thanks to you and val, I have a real chance at making my big goal despite everything…and that’s better than I did last year with much smaller life happening :D.

  3. mayakda says:

    I hope you’re healthy.

  4. So am I the only who, when feeling despair over a manuscript, just sends it out rather than face editing it again? Granted, those tend to be short stories, but I can’t imagine wanting to burn something.

    Good luck with the next step!

    • marfisk says:

      LOL! I was exercising a bit of over dramatization. I would never burn a manuscript. I keep cursing the loss of college papers that didn’t make the transition from one computer system to another. It’s just that I have such high hopes about this one that I know I’ve got that much farther to fall :).

    • marfisk says:

      Oh, and yeah, you’re probably the only person who just sends it back out :). Most of us put it on the “get to later” pile :D.

      • ca_bookwyrm says:

        Sounds about right. Though I need to work on changing my attitude – sending it back out sounds like a much more productive way of looking at things!

  5. hkneale says:

    Yup, still here.

    Yay for reviews.

  6. Still here and listening. *waves*

    • marfisk says:

      Hey there :). This is kinda fun learning who actually reads these things.

      I’ll tell you that the whole reason I started posting on LJ is that a friend suggested it might be interesting to follow the process I follow with a novel…umm, not that I’ve done any one novel on here, but at least I did one to submission (that would be Heart) and if all goes well, Shadows will soon follow :).

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing how these things happen, and when they happen. But you’re a positive person, and an intelligent one. You’ll make it through the fixes, and you’ll send it out. It’s a shame when novels are edited and DON’T make it out the door. Don’t waste opportunity, don’t play with fate. Edit and send send send!

    Me, well, I have to work on the edit part. 🙂

    ~ Dawn

    • marfisk says:

      LOL! Yeah, I hear that. Really, it’s the edit part that is the hardest for me as well. Hence the backlog of *mumble* unedited novels ;).

      Don’t worry, it’ll go out the door. I’m determined.

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