Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book Two) Is Now Available in eBook with Linked Excerpt

Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2) I’m thrilled to announce that the long awaited sequel to Shafter is now available. The eBook can be found in all the usual places while the print version is in the works.

This sequel is only the start to the novels planned for Seeds Among the Stars that will follow both the spacers and colonists, with excursions into other groups as well. The stories in this universe are many, and they exist in various planning stages for one reason only: you. If not for the encouragement of my readers (and the demand for a continuation of a story I thought had finished), Trainee and all those to follow would not exist. So, while you enjoy the many ways Trina can find herself in trouble when she follows instincts developed in a very different environment than a spacer training facility, give yourselves a pat on the back. Whether you’re new to the series or were one of those to request more, knowing you’re out there offers inspiration that brings my stories to life.

So you don’t think Trainee and all the others are solely Trina’s tale, let me introduce a few of the new characters you will meet:

Deluth comes from The Headway, a ship that values comrades over family and encourages pranks to determine who should advance. He wanted to escape that conflict-filled environment, but finds it’s not so easy.

Azizi of Shekal hails from a colony where all your needs are met, even when you want to strive for something unusual. As ideal as it sounds, the penalties are heavy for those who don’t succeed in what they seek, and he has set his sights high.

Sharna hails from a ship where perfection is everything from physical beauty to intelligence. She’s measured not just on her merit but based on that of the people around her.

As you might be able to tell, Trainee carries on the tradition of cultural conflict in Shafter. Trina is not the only candidate struggling to see how her past can aid her in this new environment, nor are candidate interactions the only barriers between her and success.

Read the first chapter of Trainee or check out the series page and click any cover to learn more about that particular book. You can also go to the excerpts to read a sample of Shafter, Trainee, and any of my books.

Pick up your copy here:

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