To Walk on Alien Sands

A Science Fiction Short Story That First Appeared in Vizions of the Future: 11 Ultra-Exciting Sci-fi Tales

Vizions of the Future


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Publisher: Ardua Publishing
Publication Date: July 29, 2018
Formats: Out of Print
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Read an excerpt of To Walk on Alien Sands.

Review excerpt from Vizions of the Future about this story:

[…] Some of the stories stood out above the others: like Matchbook and Escape the Darkness for the character development, To Walk on Alien Sands for the plot, and The Umbrella and the Wind for its plot and pacing.[…]
Reviewed by Amazon Customer S. Chan

Anthology Description

Unputdownable entertainment.

Eleven carefully chosen science fiction stories, curated, edited, and packaged with a twist for your enjoyment.

These eleven amazing tales are jaw-dropping visions of what may come as our human adventure moves into a future approaching as fast as a Falcon Heavy.

Written by the very best up-and-coming science fiction writers. Each of these carefully chosen authors is a master of their craft who can inspire, entertain, and captivate. They include amazing stories from two bestselling authors and one Writers of the Future semifinalist.

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Here is a glimpse at the stories:

Chris Africa‘s tale is of a futuristic Earth in which a black market thrives in illegal tech, and two estranged lovers are reunited in their quest to change the world.

Cathy McGough‘s story tells of when a humungous green object has fallen from the sky into retired teacher Alice Mitchell’s living room. As if her Friday the 13th wasn’t bad enough already!

Steve Conoboy‘s near future warehouse is where terrible businessmen try to sell repackaged emotions…

Amanda J Evans‘ virtual reality game has trapped 10,000 people, and the death toll is rising. While fighting their greatest fears, time is running out for those trapped inside.

RM Gilmour‘s story recounts the search for a soulmate on an Earth-like planet in another dimension.

Robert B Marcus, Jr. and Ryan B. Marcus‘s alien company starts to make genius dolls built in the United States.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk‘s frontier governor with something to prove inspires colonists to transform a desolate planet into a thriving settlement – but at what cost?

Chris Turner‘s far future reveals how the direction of AI is cast in doubt when a professor’s AI prodigy does not operate according to plan…

Kalvin Thane‘s story of a prisoner sentenced to life who plans an escape, but will wish he hadn’t even tried – life may be better on the inside…?

Kumar L‘s outlaw is unlike any other. With his trusted assistant Payr and the beautiful Asra by his side, he gets ready for the ultimate challenge – to steal a star!

And in addition, the bonus story promised on Kickstarter is Adam Boustead‘s cautionary tale about how it pays to be kind. You never know who may be listening.