To Walk on Alien Sands Now Available in the Amazon Exclusive Anthology: Vizions of the Future.

Vizions of the FutureThe author-driven marketing company, BooksGoSocial, whose group I’m part of on Facebook, decided to explore the wild world of Kickstarter through an anthology series promoting voices and stories that might otherwise have been overlooked. When they put the call out, I submitted a story I love for its fairytale cadence and science fiction themes that hadn’t found a home. I mentioned this back in April if you want to know more about the Kickstarter, but they accepted To Walk on Alien Sands for their first volume along with nine other stories (the Kickstarter reached the bonus story level on top of the initial stories).

The Kickstarter funded the cover, editing, story advances, and other production costs as well as some advertising, but Laurence O’Bryan, the curator, believes the anthology deserves a wider audience. After consulting with the authors, he announced Vizions of the Future will be released exclusively on Amazon in both eBook and print for a limited time. It is slated to go out of print six months since publication in late July, so at the end of January 2019.

The eleven science fiction stories range from alien worlds and alternate dimensions to both near and far futures here on Earth as well as from serious to humorous. It’s a broad look at the possibilities in science fiction and includes some powerful stories. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the whole anthology, and there were several I consider favorites.

I’d love to hear what you think of the anthology as a comment, or in a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or wherever you catalog your reads. You can get a glimpse of my contribution in this excerpt of To Walk on Alien Sands.

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Table of Contents

Why This Book?
Sci-Fi Vizionaries & Supporters
The Stories
Sylvan Chains by Adam Boustead
Escape the Darkness by Amanda J Evans
Matchbook by Chris Africa
The Brain Machine by Chris Turner
Unexpected Trip by Kalvin Thane
To Steal a Star by Kumar L
To Walk on Alien Sands by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Grid by RM Gilmour
Sergeant Rick by Robert B. Marcus, Jr. and Ryan B. Marcus
Zed Is for Angry by Steve Conoboy
The Umbrella and the Wind by Cathy McGough

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