To Catch a Glimpse

Dark Fantasy Short Story in These Vampires Don't Sparkle

These Vampires Don't Sparkle

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My Story Description

Willing to do anything to ensure his artistic legacy, an art student follows his mentor down a path much darker than he could have imagined.

Anthology Description

Sparkly Vampires? Oh Pluuueeeaasse! Since when have there been sparkling vampires? Are they a new brand of champagne or what? Vampires are supposed to be wily, tricky, and even evil. And they never, ever sparkle. In this book, you’ll find stories with some refreshing takes on vampires: vampire heroes, vampire villains, humorous vampires, among others. Check out 27 stories with the most bite by Lyn McConchie, David Lee Summers, Cynthia Ward, David B Riley, Lillian Csernica, Rhonda Parrish, John Lance, and other exceptional authors. Grab some garlic, wooden stakes, and crucifixes, and get ready to party, because these vampires don’t sparkle.

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