“To Catch a Glimpse” in the These Vampires Don’t Sparkle Anthology

These Vampires Don't SparkleIt’s been a busy year both on the indie and traditional fronts, and so I missed a bit of good news last month, namely that the Vampires Don’t Sparkle anthology from Sky Warrior Book Publishing was released in July.

This anthology is edited by Carol Hightshoe and contains twenty-seven vampire stories covering a wide variety of takes on the creature. My dark fantasy short story To Catch a Glimpse is one of them. You can purchase the collection as either an eBook or in trade paperback from the publisher or on most venues.

To Catch a Glimpse follows in my tradition of exploring creative ventures with characters from other times or natures. In this case, the story focuses on an art student with the potential for true fame. I hope you enjoy his not-quite-typical artistic struggles.


Willing to do anything to ensure his artistic legacy, an art student follows his mentor down a path much darker than he could have imagined.

Excerpt of To Catch a Glimpse

I stand, my fingers clenched around a paintbrush, waiting for the moment between dark and day. The moment my image becomes visible in the glass before me.It is as it has been for more years than I can remember. I waken, as if from a dream, the coppery taste of blood in my mouth. I hold no memory of how I spent the night, but I cannot hide from what I know.The shadows weaken. Light peers in through my partially curtained window. It touches first the ceiling where the strong wooden beams support my haven. Then down it creeps, grazing the bureau that holds my meager clothing. Finally, it brushes the edge of my stool before flashing brilliant against the reflective surface before me.In that brief moment, I see haunted eyes trapped in a face unchanged by passing time.I reach for the image, a desperate attempt to comfort the man depicted there.The paint on my brush dabs against glass, putting me one more stroke closer to capturing my likeness and breaking my curse.

For the Rest of the Story:

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