Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Two) Now in Trade Paperback

Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 2) Print CoverTo wrap up the year, I have the lovely news that Threats is now available in trade paperback as well as eBook. If you purchase the print book on Amazon, a copy of the eBook is available at a steep discount as a bonus.

I had despaired of getting the print version out before the end of 2014 when the delivery notice said my proof copy would arrive on December 31st with a possible three-day leeway. Though I do everything in my power to correct all issues before the proof, sometimes seeing the cover and the internal formatting in print reveals format problems that were overlooked. Therefore, since it takes 24 hours for changes to be approved, only a perfect proof arriving on the first possible day would have allowed for a 2014 release.

Instead, the proof arrived on the 26th, a late Christmas present. Yes, it required a few tweaks, but because of the early arrival, everything was completed and approved in time, much to my delight.

Threats is the second in the initial series of The Steamship Chronicles. Unlike Uncommon Lords and Ladies, this series is composed of installments that should be read in order, much like a television program with a story arc. It follows the adventures of a cabin boy and a girl with unusual abilities through a Victorian Era steampunk world where mechanical objects can speak to those able to hear.

Nathaniel Bowden dreams of captaining his own steamship, but believes in doing what is right even when it might endanger his own hopes for the future. Samantha Crill connects with a unique energy called aether to both hear and enable the desires of complex mechanical devices. Sam struggles to control the instinct to help all things mechanical while Nat attempts to balance the perceptions of the crew against what he knows to be right.

In Secrets, the first of the series, you meet both Nat and Sam, and learn how their lives become entangled. Threats then shows what happens next as a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of greater profits takes a deadly turn when storms—both natural and amongst the crew—threaten the safety of every person aboard.

I hope you take a chance on Nat and Sam, and come to enjoy their stories as much as I have in telling them.

Pick up both Secrets and Threats at most vendors, including:

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