Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Two) Is Now Available in eBook

Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 2) eBook CoverThe day you’ve all been waiting for, or at least some of you have, has arrived. The rest of you should consider checking out Secrets, and joining Samantha Crill and Nathaniel Bowden on their wild adventures. Danger lurks around every corner for Sam when she’s struggling to control her knack for transforming sophisticated machinery while Nat learns life is much more complicated than he’d believed and the right thing to do isn’t always clear.

The Steamship Chronicles offer steam (of course) along with semi-intelligent and very demanding machinery while on a voyage across the storm-torn Atlantic in the worse of the British merchant fleet. Come enjoy a romp through an alternate Victorian Era where some people can hear the desires of machines and are driven to make those desires a reality.

It’s a wonderful time to check out what was classified a “clever, entertaining and unique new take on Victorian Steampunk” by David Bridger, author of A Flight of Thieves (Sky Ships)

Note: If you haven’t read Secrets, you might want to stop here to avoid learning something of what happens in the first book, but only by reading the first book will you know how those events came to be.

The series continues with Threats:

Is Luck a Miracle or a Curse?

Luck alone has kept Sam undiscovered so far. She dreads the moment the crew learns their miracle and curse have a human face, but it’s Nat’s reaction she fears the most. When her Natural talents are revealed, all the ways she’s used her far-from-human abilities to keep the engine running may count for nothing.

Obsessed with the steamship’s engine, Nat’s new position as the engineer’s apprentice is a dream come true even when a fierce storm tests the limits of his new skills. He basks in the praise of the engineer and crew once they’re safe again, but their cheers soon turn to curses when Nat realizes the nearest island on the charts is nothing but a sandbar. With food and water running low, how is he going to keep Sam fed?

Threats, book two of The Steamship Chronicles, is now available in eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks. Additional stores will be added shortly and a print version is in the works.

Because the second book is now live, the price on the Secrets has also dropped on any store where Threats is available.

I hope you enjoy Sam and Nat’s trials as much as I have in bringing their story to life.

Please check out the book page. You can also read the first two chapters for a taste of what the story will bring.

I look forward to hearing what you think of The Steamship Chronicles.

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