This Apology Goes Out to All My Potential Readers on Amazon

…and any existing readers of my other series who wanted to check out The Steamship Chronicles through the free first book. I recently discovered Secrets, Book 1 of The Steamship Chronicles, was $0.99 on Amazon. It stayed free on all the other eBook platforms, and the Amazon price is now the same.

So, if you haven’t tried my steampunk adventure, why not try it for free? The first three books are a complete arc (and available in a Box Set for those who prefer to read that way).

Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 1)

Meet Samantha, a young Victorian girl with a rare ability most consider dangerous, and Nat, a cabin boy struggling to overcome his noble bloodline. He wants to earn the crew’s respect while Sam stowed away and must keep hidden. The cargo ship is old, but sturdy, and converted partially to steam so the captain can compete in a new world of coal dust and efficiency. Thus begins their harrowing journey.

Click on the link to Amazon in your country below:

Secrets - The Steamship Chronicles, Book One
Secrets: A Steampunk Adventure (The Steamship Chronicles, Book One)

Here’s a glimpse behind the publishing curtain: Technically, Amazon doesn’t allow books to be free always. They often choose to match the prices of other stores, though. This loophole allows me to offer readers a taste of my steampunk series.

Amazon matched Secrets to free some time ago, but it didn’t stick. I worked with the publishing arm of Amazon to restore that status this week. They can always refuse. I’m glad they helped me (and you) out instead.

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