Things That Make Me Smile No.79: Creativity and Music (and a Request)

If you’ve been following my smiles for a while, you’ll know I love the intersection of creativity and music. Well, this video shows all three “M”s: music, mathematics, and mechanical creativity. It seemed an appropriate smile to follow the release of Gifts. I think Sam would have loved this. Enjoy.

Which brings me to the request:

When I was a kid, I played a game with my little sister where she would give me any topic, usually just a word or two, and I would come up with a quick song about that topic. I have recently come into the possession of a quality microphone, a step in the direction of putting some audio content on my blog. I intend to do readings from my books, but also raw creative programs.

One of the ideas I’ve been playing with is doing live pondering sessions. Some of you have seen this type of thing in action when asking for help if stuck, but it can be for pure fun as well as helping someone with world building. I’ll take a suggested starting point and build something interesting from it whether a song, story suggestion/idea, or even a stray thought.

With that in mind, I’d appreciate some topic contributions. Either put them as comments to this post or use the contact me form. I’m looking for everything from a single word to a clear description of your stuck point. Please indicate whether you want to be given credit by name and if you have a preference for how the topic will be used.

Depending on my available time and the number of good topics I get, this could roll out as early as next week. It will become an irregular contribution much like Things That Make Me Smile. So drop me a line and let’s see where this can take us.

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