Things That Make Me Smile No. 239: Music and Science

Music is clearly one of my interests considering how many smiles involve it and the strange instruments people use. This time, however, music links with another interest of mine: science. I’m including two videos with this post to reflect both interests. If you just want to hear the almost didgeridoo sound of Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, the first video is a short song from the planet itself.

The second uncovers how and why the ice shelf sings (and gave me the instrument name I was trying to remember to describe some of the sounds). The video discusses the ice shelf’s importance and how its song can give us critical information about the health of the ice.

Whichever angle you chose, or both as I did, this definitely made me smile and I hope it fascinates you as well. One of the best ways to keep the wonder that makes each day new is to be curious and keep learning new things.

Did you know the South Pole sang before now?

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