Things That Make Me Smile No.154: Happy New Year and a Gift to Treasure

I hope everyone had a good holiday season filled with moments to treasure with family and friends, whether in person, online, or even in game. Whatever you celebrate, there’s something magical about the cold winter months that brings people together (okay, it’s probably just the cold, but…). Someone from the southern hemisphere will have to weigh in on whether it’s true for their cold summers or warm holidays, as I haven’t had the chance to see for myself.

Anyway, as of today, we are into a brand new year. I hope it is strong, productive, and welcoming to all of us. Let us go out and seize the day, make a difference (large or small), and help 2019 become a wonderful year for everyone.

As to what made me smile this time, well, there were many things to choose from. My husband put in an extra effort (not once but twice) to help me edit a short story for a tight submission deadline, for example. But one makes for a beautiful, and meaningful, visual to share. If you’ve read the acknowledgements in the back of my books, you’ll already know I am blessed with a family that supports my writing.

This is nothing new. I have been writing stories as far back as I can remember being able to write…and looking at some of those stories, the last part of that phrase comes into doubt. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization? I wrote stories long before I mastered those complexities :). One of my early writing memories, though, is my mother taking the time to type (pre-computer) one of those stories for me with carbon copies. She gave me a copy of it a few years back, and it begins quite well even to my current standards. The muddle it turns into made me sure she’d lost a page or two, though. No such luck.

Anyway, that story is not visual but where it leads to certainly is. I knew my mother has been taking ceramics. I had no idea how far she’d grown, though, until I unwrapped my present and received two gifts in one.

Mom's Ceramic of The Captain's Chair

For those who don’t recognize this ship, it’s from the cover of The Captain’s Chair, a short story in my Seeds Among the Stars world. Even better, this is a cover I put together myself. That my mother took the time to create art that represents my story is amazing.

The Captain's Chair (a Seeds Among the Stars short story) by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Hope you have happy memories to strengthen the holiday season as well, whether they come in the form of presents, pies, or time spent with those you love.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!

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