Things That Make Me Smile No.141: The Making of Mechanical Birds

I rarely have a theme running throughout my posts, but this week is special. I agreed to participate in the blog tour for a recently released steampunk novel called Army of Brass because how it was written as a collaborative process with many authors intrigued me. It could have been a disaster for sure, but spoiler alert I quite enjoyed the tale. I’ll say more about the book tomorrow, and then follow it with a Thursday post by Phoebe Darqueling on the history of mechanical birds. She is the novel coordinator and a lead contributor on The Steampunk Journal website.

To whet your appetite, here is a video showing how a company creates mechanical birds that sing and move today as they have for many years. It’s not exactly steampunk, but the process shares a love of gears and mechanical skill that would be sure to entertain the characters in The Steamship Chronicles, at least until one came to life and took to the air. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow and Thursday for more steampunk fun.

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