Things That Make Me Smile No.125: Digital Coloring

The eagle I used for Pondering Patriotism came from a coloring app I discovered for my phone. The Mandala below is another one.

I love coloring, and find it meditative, but doing a complex picture on paper, and making sure the pencils are sharp enough to get the tiny spots, is annoying. This app offers the satisfaction and fun of coloring complex designs while minimizing the frustrations between the ability to zoom and being in my pocket whenever I feel like adding a little more.

It’s not perfect. The process of selecting the primary colors you want to use is disconnected from the color pallet, making finding the specific colors a bit of a pain, and though it has an undo button, I couldn’t find one for erase, but its virtues definitely outweigh its faults, so I thought I’d share it as a smile. Enjoy another of my coloring designs:

Colorful Mandala

If you, like me, love coloring but lack the patience required for the pencil and paper method, you might want to check out the Mandala coloring app. Who knows? It could inspire you to branch out into full-on digital art. Or it may inspire you in different directions. I remember watching one of my kids using a similar program years ago that inspired a short story because of how he filled in every space with black until the image vanished altogether.

If you do try it and post your coloring online, drop a link into the comments here if you’d like so we can admire your results.

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