Things That Make Me Smile #13 – How to Think Sideways is Back!

How to Think Sideways UltraThis is an odd one for my Tuesday post, but at the same time it isn’t odd at all. Holly Lisle, who I “met” first as a reader when I enjoyed her fantasy titles, is also an accomplished teacher with the rare ability to show not just what she does now after years of experience and refinement, but the path to get there. This means instead of the leap of faith many writing books/classes require, you get a guided tour through the steps necessary to reach whatever is promoted by the writing class or book. Even more, she doesn’t expect you to buy into her language or techniques blindly. She does ask that you try her way, but accepts, and even encourages, you to adopt what works out of what she teaches rather than forcing yourself into something that doesn’t work for you, even if it might a little further down your writing path.

While it hasn’t sold yet, her Create a Character Clinic was directly responsible for a short story that’s received good comments from pro markets and spawned a three novel series that I’m still working on. The Plotting Scenes by Point of View spreadsheet I offer for free download in my writing tools is partially based on a technique from one of her articles, and I’ve incorporated aspects of How to Think Sideways and How to Revise a Novel into both my writing and revising processes.

So yes, Holly Lisle makes me smile (an odd rhyme that cries out for a crocodile ;)), but why I’m posting this today instead of on Monday when I talk about all sorts of things is because today is the day that Holly re-releases her How to Think Sideways class in the automatic one lesson a week format that was so successful for her students. Life intervened on me, so I never made it to the final lessons my first time through, but the format lets you come back when you have the time to either start again or continue where you left off without penalty. I’ve gone back to review the lessons I’ve completed as well as continuing forward slowly as life permits, but I’m looking forward to starting again with this new incarnation as it has new material along with the original lessons in what is now the legacy version.

Anyone who completed their payments for the legacy version gets the HTTS Ultra in the new classroom as a gift (because that’s the type of person Holly is), but if you cancelled your class because you couldn’t afford it then, or missed out on the first version, here’s your chance to get How to Think Sideways Ultra with all the new material at the legacy version’s price. It’s only at this lower price for the first three days of the new release ($100 off), so it’s worth checking out. I recommend How to Think Sideways wholeheartedly, as someone who has tried and discarded a large number of writing approaches over the years. And I’ve watched many friends become better writers through the course as well.

I started being involved in Holly Lisle’s writing community back when she ran Forward Motion, drawn by my enjoyment of her writing. Since then, I’ve become her student, her tech person, and her friend. She’s an incredible person who is both willing and able to take everyone on a tour of her journey, sharing what she’s learned without reservation in a way that makes sense. Go check out her classes. Read the classroom blog, or look at what fiction she has to offer (I’ve reviewed quite a few on my blog despite having read most of her works before I started blogging). Give Holly the chance to amaze you, to draw you in. Let her make you smile along with me.

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