Things That Make Me Smile, 100th Post: Reflections and Cats

(Pictures at the end)

I feel like I should do something special to commemorate the 100th smile I’ve posted on my blog. The smiles are something I started after talking to a friend about how easy it is to get swallowed up in all the negativity that surrounds us and fail to recognize how many wonderful things there are. Originally, I’d planned to write narrative posts as much as reposting videos or pictures I found around the Web, but that happens rarely. Smiles have become my go to post on Tuesdays when I’m too swamped to write a more complicated post.

In some ways, that’s perfect because when is the need for a smile most pressing other than as a short break from the craziness of deadlines?

I hope you take a moment to look around you and find what makes you smile as well. For me, this is easy as all three cats have gathered round. Sure, they’re waiting for their morning treat, but that doesn’t make their company less valuable.

Of course, the minute I said something, they up and wandered off, denying me any chance at a new picture, but that too gives me a smile because half the joy in cats is amusement at their contradictory nature.

Before you head off to find your perfect smile for the day, please drop by my Facebook author page and help me decide what reading to select for BayCon this year. I’m interested in your favorite of my published works, your favorite scene within it, and/or just your preferred genre of those I write. I’m planning to put some audio excerpts up here on my site as well, so more than one suggestion will go live. You can comment wherever you’re most comfortable as long as you tag me so I can see it.

And because I can’t leave you with just words…

Here is a picture of my cats from January of last year:

Cats Assembled

And my elder statesman (the seal point) as a kitten.

Cat in a Box

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