The Third NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Distractions

Consistency hasn’t really been a thing this year, but I have managed to write–something–every day. I did a little better on average, I think, but managed to burn through a good bit of my cushion this week, then raised it again to end up with 1375 words to spare. I also had both my third best day and my absolute worst day this time.

I also recovered not once but twice from writing downturns, and the story is still carrying on well. Perhaps a bit too well.

This year’s NaNo is not as much of a mish-mash as I’d hoped. I mentioned wanting to finish Traps and Treachery at 70,000 words but it now stands around 75,000 words, and there’s still a bit more to work through before the end. When the series runs between 50k and 65k, tucking an 80k or higher novel into the mix is strange.

Maybe I’ll do some as a novella if there’s a good break point, but this is how I write. I follow the story and let the characters point out what they would do in each instance. That offers up some surprises, but generally, those are better than what I would have pushed through.

I haven’t had a lot of complaints so far, but I will see if I can do something about all this length in the editing phase. If not, I’ll be happier to put out a good story than continue a word count pattern. If yes, I’ll have a handy pile of excerpts to share. Either way is a win.

Here are the numbers I was talking about:

Day Total New Words
15 26938 1721
16 29149 2211
17 30935 1786
18 31059 124
19 32293 1234
20 34715 2422

Ah, yes, the title says distractions, and I haven’t really addressed that part of my tale. In the chart above, you will notice on day 18 I wrote only 124 words. I’m lucky I managed that much.

I helped my husband sell his wildlife photography at the Nevada Humane Society craft fair, but when the event had ended, instead of heading home as planned, we lingered to collect part of the local wildlife.

Meet Biscotti, the newest member of our family. She was found on the streets, but from her behavior is not a true feral. Yes, this most likely means someone abandoned her, but their loss is our gain.

©Colin Fisk (cell phone photo)

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