The Steamship Chronicles Box Set 1

Books 1-3: Secrets, Threats, and Gifts

A Steampunk Adventure

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The Steamship Chronicles, Box Set 1

Author: Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Publisher: TTO Publishing
eBook Publication Date: December 2015
Formats: Mobi (Kindle), ePub (Nook, Kobo, etc.), and PDF
eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-63139-019-7

Superstitious sailors, demanding machinery, and a delicate balance between the truth and what is right make this an entertaining, thought-provoking alternate history Victorian steampunk adventure for ages 14 and up.

The box set contains Secrets, Threats, and Gifts (books 1-3 of The Steamship Chronicles).

Samantha Crill can read the dreams of mechanical devices and tap into aether to make those dreams come true. She seeks a place where her talent is not feared, but her abilities tear apart the careful plans to bring her to safety. Instead, she hides aboard an old sailing ship converted to steam.

Nathaniel Bowden, a young noble turned cabin boy, wants to captain his own steamship someday. He tries to prove himself to the rest of the crew, but his best efforts go awry especially once he has a secret to keep that’s not his own.

Together, they offer a grand Victorian steampunk adventure that begins in England and carries them across the dangerous Atlantic Ocean into southern waters.

Reviews of Box Set 1

Stan Adelman reviewed this volume on Smashwords (scroll to the bottom), leaving the below note:

Absolutely superb! This book contains the first three novels in the Steamship Chronicles. It is a joy to read, and the characterizations are not only intriguing, the characters are consistent throughout the book in terms of their actions.

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