The Steamship Chronicles Box Set 1 Is Now Available in eBook

The Steamship Chronicles, Box Set 1Just in time for a last minute Christmas (or anytime) gift for the adventurous person in your life, whether young or young at heart, the first box set of The Steamship Chronicles is available in eBook. This set is offered at a nice discount compared to the individual books.

Box Set 1 tells the full story of Samantha Crill’s search for a place she can be accepted for who and what she is. Though each book in the set has its own complete mini story, the first three together compose a larger piece and so should be read in order.

This portion of The Steamship Chronicles leads Samantha Crill, a Natural able to transform machinery using aether, and Nathaniel Bowden, an ambitious cabin boy, on a harrowing adventure that demands they both face the opposition of those around them and make choices that determine what kind of person they want to be. The series as a whole asks questions about how we treat those who are different as well as how we are responsible for our actions and the consequences of same. A thought-provoking story with both danger and sweet moments as you come to know two determined characters placed in difficult positions.

Remember, eBooks have no shipping time and can be given as gifts, so if you’ve already enjoyed the series, you can pick up the box set for someone you love.

Note: The first individual book is free in eBook on all platforms if you’d prefer to check it out before diving into the whole, but this is incorporated into the price of the box set.

Or you can visit the book page.

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