The Muse Online Writers Conference 2012 Ends But 2013 Registrations Are Now Open

2012 Muse Online Writers ConferenceThe time has come to say farewell to the Muse Online Writers Conference for this year. It’s been a wild and crazy week as usual. I didn’t have the chance to attend any of the other workshops because the participants in my MS Office Tips and Tricks section kept me hopping, as did the ones in the Finish What You Start shared session. For me, the rush comes when one of my participants has a eureka moment. There were several of those this year.
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I did two chat sessions, one for each workshop, and both were active and interesting.

In the MS Office chat, on top of some discussion, I walked participants through an Excel formula for calculating the percentage of scenes assigned to each POV (later reproduced on the forum for contemplation), and the panel discussion in the Finish What You Start chat had wonderful questions. The variety of approaches the panelists (myself included) adopted gave both the panelists and the participants a lot of fodder to contemplate.

Looking at the workshop list, there were many workshops I’d have loved to attend, and I’m sure participants got a lot out of those as well. If you attended and want to leave a note about your experience, please do.

One of the downsides this year was the timing. Because of circumstances beyond our control, the conference was a little hard to put together, and word didn’t get out as well as it might have, resulting in missed opportunities, including pitch appointments with agents and editors. However, those of us involved in the organizing believe in learning from the past. There have been several changes that will help keep people notified and build in backups so the work behind the scenes will be managed better. Here’s to a productive and hopping conference in 2013.

And with that in mind, Registration is now open for the 2013 Muse Online Writers Conference.

The conference will run from October 7-13, 2013.

UPDATE: The site is undergoing some changes in preparation for the conference so registration is currently down. There should be an announcement when it’s restored, and I’ll probably post a note because I think there’s a lot to value in this conference.

To participate, you must both register for the forum (if you don’t already have an account) and vote in the 2013 poll here: Muse Online Writers Conference 2013 Registration. Registration will be open until September 25, 2013, but don’t hesitate. The conference is free and wholly online, so even if all you can manage that week is one chat or a pitch session, you will have gained something for your attendance, while wandering through the forum boards may open your eyes to new techniques and possibilities.

If you see the results without radio buttons, your vote has been recorded and you are set.

New for this year, if you subscribe to the topic at the bottom left of the screen, you will receive notices when we post periodic updates including how to volunteer to present a workshop or be a moderator, when the workshop list is posted, when/how to apply for pitch sessions, and other important notices.

So, here’s to a productive and fun 2013. I’ve already signed up.

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5 Responses to The Muse Online Writers Conference 2012 Ends But 2013 Registrations Are Now Open

  1. Moira Ivy says:

    I am currently unable to register, but looking forward to this year’s conference! 🙂

  2. Marge Gower says:

    I’ve been trying to reregister, since I missed the last couple of years. I’m not able to.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      As I amended the above post to say, there’ll be a new setup and it’s still in progress. I don’t know how the conference does help requests right now, but the answer will be the same in terms of the need to be patient.

  3. Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

    Registration is being left open until Saturday night if you haven’t registered.

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