The End of Molly

This is not as ominous as it sounds.  In fact, it’s a matter of celebration.

I have written the most important words in a first draft.  Those two little ones that can only be placed after the last bit of text has hit the page.

That’s right.  Molly’s first draft is complete.

It’s been a struggle for many reasons, and I think there’s still a lot of work to do in cleaning up the scenes back when I didn’t quite get into the story (though I’m happy to be proven wrong about that ;)), but overall, it’s a solid book.

Themes?  Well, the first contact is obvious, but there’s a couple more that are showing up.  That of accepting people for what they do, not what they appear to be, in this case age.   Overall, the themes circulate around the word “assumption” and the dangers held within that word.  Mr. Pell, the diplomat, has a nice little cameo on that topic in the epilogue :).

As far as the Thinking Sideways process, I realize I’ve fallen off the wagon again.  I was so desperate to prove to myself that I could finish this novel after my recent health issues that I haven’t read any more lessons and quite likely missed some relevant stuff.  Time to buckle down and get them done.  I’ve decided my next novel will be for NaNo, which gives me a couple months to catch up in TS.

Anyway, final stat are:
New Words: 575 words
54 scenes
54 complete – 100% of the novel
0 Scenes remain
0 Remaining word count
54355 Estimated length – with an average of 1007 words per scene.
54355 Final Total

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