Testing images

Testing images:

Now I need to say enough to get this to align correctly and test that so here’s the story.

This is my tire after blowing in the fast lane at highway speeds

I’d been driving back and forth between the Bay Area and Reno because my husband moved in March and we weren’t able to follow until June when school ended. It’s not THAT long a trip, but I was doing it every other weekend and when I was exhausted. I was also moving furniture back and forth to make sure my hubby’s bachelor apartment didn’t look like an empty space.

So there I was in the fast lane, booking down I-80, when my minivan kind of shuddered. I could tell something was wrong, so I turned on my turn signal and glanced over to make sure it was clear. Umm, there were pieces of rubber flying out behind me. At first I thought I’d run over a retread or something. So I maneuvered over to the side, right before an exit ramp, to check things out, and that was what I found.

Amusingly? The AAA guy who came to help says to me, “Wow, that’s a serious blowout. You’re so lucky you weren’t stuck over there in the middle!”

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