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NaNo and Life Blocks

I’m heading out to the World Fantasy convention down in San Jose, California in…less than an hour…but I thought I’d drop a note about NaNo since it starts while I’m down there. This year is the first in a long … Continue reading

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Friday’s Interesting Links

There’s no reading section this week, because I’m not done with the book I am reading, and you’ll find the selection on links is a little sparse. I’ve had an incredibly productive week, but it took me a bit to … Continue reading

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The Muse Online Conference 2009

The Muse Online Conference 2009 I’ve mentioned this conference on and off over the last couple of years, but this may be my first official conference report. Though I’m not one to hang about in my robe and bunny slippers, … Continue reading

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Poor neglected writing blog

Hi everyone. Wow, I didn’t realize I’d neglected this blog so much. Trouble is that my focus has been largely on critting and non-fiction writing, so I didn’t have much to say on the fiction writing world. So, a quick … Continue reading

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Enter the Three-Ring Circus

I, Margaret the Magnificent, will now perform the amazing, death-defying act of writing three novel outlines simultaneously before your very eyes. If my attention slips, if I falter, my brains will begin to leak from my ears, but I scoff … Continue reading

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