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Things That Make Me Smile No. 217: Squirrel Olympics

Enjoy this fun experiment in defeating squirrels who steal from bird feeders. The results are fascinating. The video is longer than my usual, but there’s an important note after the trials.

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 216: Behind the Walls of Big Ben

My mom sent me a clipped version of this introduction to the architecture and mechanics of Big Ben because she knows how much I enjoy mechanisms. Well, architecture is only mechanisms with mortar, so I’m sharing the full-length piece. It’s … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 215: Evocative Music

I can’t understand a word of this song because I don’t speak Swedish, but Elise Ryd conveys meaning and emotion through tone, and offers something beautiful to listen to. I hope you enjoy this song my husband shared with me … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 214: A Strange and Wondrous Taste of Malaysia

Today my smile comes in the form of an after picture and a story: My son came back from the grocery store with a question and a giant prickly object. Had I ever tried a jackfruit? he asked. Of course, … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 213: Cat Mechanics?

My husband shared this one with me for a chuckle. These are well-trained, older cats and the video required multiple takes, but it’s still amazing how they interact with this domino fall.

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