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Just What Am I up to?

“Thank you, everyone, for your kind welcome. I’ve struggled with this fact for several years now, and finally have to admit. I have a NaNo addiction.” *sighs* “Yes. You’re right. It does feel better getting it all out. I can … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Sun (Kyrnie) Update

I know…I’m behind in blogging. It’s been crazy on both the writing and the personal front. However, I am slowly but surely making progress on Shadows of the Sun. I set myself a deadline of 3/31 to get the new … Continue reading

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Workshop on Using an Outline to Edit

Hi everyone, Sorry for the late notice, but I just realized I should mention my workshop on my blogs in case anyone is interested. The workshop is an expansion of part of my Muse Online 2007 presentation with a whole … Continue reading

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NaNo 2007

New story — brand new. And now planned for NaNo because I really am insane. You’d think Con Shirt would have protected me from this, but there you go. I guess this year has been so crazy that I need … Continue reading

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Con Shirt Outline Update

I did something on this outline that I’ve never done on this scale before and it’s killing me. I had an interesting discussion with a friend who was trying to use me as an example of how to outline. She … Continue reading

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