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Coma Wedding Update as the End Nears

And the countdown continues. Only two scenes remain in the Coma Wedding outline.   So…I reworked one of the scene blurbs today for a reason that I think merit’s mentioning.   When I returned to the United States as a kid, … Continue reading

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Coma Wedding

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I gave a real update for Coma Wedding. But a Pretty Bauble was the higher priority project and I’m lousy at updating. But here’s the thing. Coma Wedding is rolling along merrily. … Continue reading

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Reason 2002 for …

Reason 2002 for completing the outline BEFORE you start to write: There is nothing more effective against forward progress than the dreaded "something must go here" scene, especially if you’re a linear writer who gets bogged if you continue past … Continue reading

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NaNo Week 1 Update

So, the crazy first week of NaNo is complete and I did pretty well, especially considering that I started NaNo with 25 scenes outlined in VERY rough draft, almost all of them involving the second part of a three part … Continue reading

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Just What Am I up to?

“Thank you, everyone, for your kind welcome. I’ve struggled with this fact for several years now, and finally have to admit. I have a NaNo addiction.” *sighs* “Yes. You’re right. It does feel better getting it all out. I can … Continue reading

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