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Things That Make Me Smile No.192: Maker Faire Mechanicals

Here is a quick, yet perfect, example of the wonder and creativity of Maker Faire to entertain you as the year comes to an end. Welcome to the Age of Innovation…the Victorian Era.

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Just when I thought I was busy enough…

Gak! I have been attacked, sneak attacked at that. I’ve been pushing on so many things that my life has come to resemble a tornado, touching down on one project just long enough to leave disaster in its wake before … Continue reading

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Catchup and Status on Various Projects

Wow, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted to my LJ. The absence was far from planned, but is as it is. The writing front has been a bit up and down for me through June and July, though I’m … Continue reading

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Through Arcane Rules and Procedures…

Through Arcane Rules and Procedures, We Persevere Because We Must This comes as a spinoff from last week’s post. In the comments thread, we had a little chat about how most writing rules aren’t actual rules for all that the … Continue reading

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