Shafter Now Available in Trade Paperback

Margaret and ShafterFor those of you who prefer the print format, I put my first non-blogging Monday to good use in completing the final steps for making Shafter available in trade paperback. It’s now live on CreateSpace and Amazon, and will show up in the wider distribution channels as they update their systems.

Like Beneath the Mask, I have signed Shafter up for the Matchbook program on Amazon, which means if you purchase the print copy, you can get the eBook for only $1.99 as soon as they link up the two formats.

This novel takes a young cat burglar with her own set of morals into the political machinations of the leading class on her colony, offering an adventure with close calls and hard questions. Trina has to decide what she’s willing to do to win a place above the shafts where she makes her home with other social outcasts.


Dennis and Shafter

Even my cat wants to read.

“Trina’s life revolves around protecting her family and as a Shafter, the lowest of Ceric society, her choices are limited to what she can steal. However, a chance at a new life aboard a colony-bound ship teaches her a new way of life and the price of unquestioned loyalty in this exciting tale, rich with cultural world building and science fiction adventure. This is a story you’ll love, with a tale you won’t want to see end!”
—Lazette Gifford, author of Glory (Near Future Urban Fantasy)

“While the heroine yearns for another world, you’ll crave any universe, any tale, created by this exciting new speculative fiction author. In Shafter, McGaffey Fisk delivers an inter-planetary colony system and populates it with complex and sympathetic characters. Travel from the tunnels of Ceric to the stars beyond with a master thief and her master storyteller.”
—Valerie Comer, author of Raspberries and Vinegar


Trina dreams of escaping the colony of Ceric and joining the spacer guilds, but it’s just that: a dream.

Reality is a fight for survival in the abandoned subway tunnels beneath First City.

Her father may be a polit, the wealthiest of the surface people, but she’s been raised by a shafter mother, taught to steal by a friend, and mastered weapons all on her own.

Her mother clings to the idea that her polit father will rescue them from this life. Trina knows better.

Then, while thieving on the surface, she catches the attention of her grandfather. Her life is about to change, but the price of starting over may be higher than she’s willing to pay.

For more specific information, go here or click the Shafter cover on right side of any page of my site.

See the preview posts you might have missed, which include a scene that didn’t make the final cut for the novel but which gives a glimpse into the world where Trina grew up.

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