Shadows of the Sun (Kyrnie): the Edit Begins

And the Shadows of the Sun (Kyrnie) edit pass begins.

I have a hand written crit that came with an additional 9 pages hand written and two typed, from which I spawned three pages of my own hand written notes and several emails.

My first step is to transfer the comments on 593 pages to an electronic version. Let me tell you it’s quite intimidating.

I started with unburying enough of my desk to be able to manage a pile of loose papers. That wasn’t a difficult task, and it certainly needed doing, but it certainly wasn’t fun.

Then I dug the mail box out of my bookshelf and pulled the pages free. I swear they expanded coming out of the mailer. I have a stack 3.5 to 4 inches tall of papers. I can tell you my heartbeat accelerated at the sight of them. Made me want to run away and hide. I don’t work in paper anymore. And this is a lot of paper.

So I glanced down at the top-most page only to see “page 20.” Panic! How had I managed to lose the first 19 pages?

Instinct made me check the back of the page to see…turns out that it was a partial print that was reused. I was looking not at the beginning, but at the end.

However, that little mix-up energized me to complete the whole edit.

When I turned the page over, I saw the corner marked as page 593. And then a hand-written note right above “the end.” The note was simple, straightforward, and just what I needed in facing this big project. The words? “Kick-ass ending.” With that to keep me going, I can tackle this huge novel and make it shine :).

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