Shadows of the Sun Edit Week Two

Well, this has been an interesting ride so far. It’s hard to tell whether I was just distracted by everything going on around me or whether I was just having a hard time getting into this edit. Frankly, I don’t care anymore because something clicked :). Shadows of the Sun is no longer fighting me. It may have just been a case of needing to think a little bit longer.

This has been a long road. When I wrote the first version, I wasn’t good enough to tackle it. Oddly enough, I think I am now, after a number of edits that have each brought it closer.

That’s a lot of pressure.

On the other hand, I did a marathon, pushing myself to edit 7,500 words a day for two days, and things started to click. I was sucked back into the story. All my fancy notes about “thought out” solutions? Many of them helped offer a direction to take, but few ended up being completely re-conceptualized.

I took scenes marked for minor changes and tossed them out the window; I took ones marked for major changes and reworked them in a completely different direction.

The key point?

The rewrites work. They’re strong. They take the themes and characters, and make them better.

Guess this shows I just had to wait, and drag my heels, until it just clicked. Maybe there’ll be a little less whining and a little more productivity from now on ;).

And stats:
Edited Today: 5,836 words
16 Chapters complete – 37% of the novel
18 Chapters remain
83,738 Remaining word count
48,451 Current Total
135,154 Predicted Total

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2 Responses to Shadows of the Sun Edit Week Two

  1. anonymous says:

    When did you write the original version, Mar? I’m curious how long you feel it took your skill level to catch up to your concept! Valerie

  2. marfisk says:

    Here you go. It’s SCARY how long this story has haunted me :).

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