Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book One) Is Now Available for Kindle and Print

Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book One)The sea has always been one of my fascinations since before I spent summers in the Mediterranean (and I mean in it almost every minute of the day). I fed this love through reading novels about sea captains like Hornblower and Ramage, or even the occasional biography such as Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (who inspired the name for my character Nat). So when I envisioned a world at the brink of change, where industry has become king and only the wealthy nobility retain their influence, what came to mind first was the steamships.

Imagine England, a nation firmly grounded in the power of its wind-driven naval and trading force, coming to terms with innovations that stick belching engines into those once proud vessels. Now introduce a steampunk element into the mix: a new kind of person who can hear the hopes and dreams of complex machinery. More than that, the so-called Naturals can transform the machinery into what it longs to be, using whatever is nearest, drawing on a little-understood energy named aether.

That’s at the heart of The Steamship Chronicles.

A Natural thrust into society on her own after being sheltered her whole life comes together with a nobleman turned cabin boy who dreams of captaining his own steamship in an adventure across the seas.

Secrets, the first book in the series, is now available at Amazon (Kindle and print) and from your local booksellers. You can join Samantha Crill and Nathaniel Bowden in their attempts to find a place in this new world through dangers, fears, and misunderstandings.

I hope you enjoy their trials as much as I have in bringing their story to life.

Please check out the book page. You can also read the first two chapters for a taste of what the story will bring.

I look forward to hearing what you think of The Steamship Chronicles.

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  1. Happy Release Day! 🙂

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