Secrets Giveaway with Author and Character Interviews

In case you hadn’t heard, my steampunk adventure is being profiled on Tome Tender with a couple bonus features and a giveaway. Six people will win an eBook prize, three a copy of both Secrets, Book One of The Steamship Chronicles and Safe Haven and three a copy of Secrets. There are only a few more days to enter because it ends on September 5th, so be sure to get your entries in.

Blogger will ask you to confirm you’re over 18 to continue because some of the books profiled there include mature content on the cover images, but Secrets is, as styled in an Amazon review, “a book that can be read and enjoyed by ALL ages.”

About the Prizes

Secrets - The Steamship Chronicles, Book OneAs stated above, Secrets is a steampunk adventure. It’s a not quite traditional steampunk world, but shares the features of a Victorian Era with steam the dominant power source for all manner of mechanical objects. I didn’t stop there, though. This alternate history has an additional element in the existence of Naturals, rare humans who can speak with, and transform, all things mechanical into what the mechanism wants to be. Samantha Crill is one of those so blessed – or cursed – with this ability.

Secrets begins the chronicle of her attempt to find a place she can belong, but it’s also the story of Nathaniel Crill, a young man with dreams of captaining his own steamship though he’s no more than a lowly cabin boy.

Safe Haven by Margaret McGaffey FiskSafe Haven, on the other hand, is the story of Samantha’s older sister Lily and how she found the most unlikely gentleman to share her life. A prequel to Secrets, Safe Haven introduces the steampunk world and the ethical struggles faced by all good men and women within it through Lily’s struggles to keep Samantha hidden. To be a Natural is to be incarcerated in a mental institution “for the protection of the people,” a statement designed to gloss over laws that protect not the populace as much as the expensive toys of the wealthy. Safe Haven is a sweet romance and clean read so also appropriate for all ages.

Check out the giveaway on Tome Tender for the chance to win one or both of the above novels, and learn a little more about both me and the two main characters of Secrets, Samantha Crill and Nathaniel Bowden.

The bonus materials are two interviews with intriguing questions like “What is it about watches then?” and “Which is your favorite genre and why?” The answers should amuse, if not surprise, you.

So what are you waiting for?

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