Fortune’s Fresh Start by Michelle Major

I haven’t been a dedicated follower of the Fortune family romances, but the ones I’ve enjoyed combine conflicts around economic imbalance with characters trying to find their roots. It’s a strong enough connection that this title caught my eye when … Continue reading

The Cowboy’s Belated Discovery by Valerie Comer

This isn’t my favorite of the Saddle Springs Romance series, but it belongs to a tough crowd. There’s a solid story with growth in both trust and understanding as Garret and Tori come to terms with the fact that they … Continue reading

The Curious Adventures of Messrs Smith & Skarry by Penny Blake

What do you get when you mix the skits of Monty Python and the wild adventures of Alice in Wonderland? Something like this book, perhaps. Or maybe if you set them to boil then steep your favorite black tea with … Continue reading

Skythane by J. Scott Coatsworth

When I picked up Skythane, I thought it was a gay romance set in a science fiction world. But while there’s a “destined mates” thread throughout the story, I found the book more like a science fiction car (or hovercycle) … Continue reading

Space Train by David Bridger

It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, and what better time to share a novel where family, found and birth, is a strong theme. While the local tribes rescued the pilgrims from starvation, in Space Train, the Russell family is … Continue reading

5 Interesting Links for 11-22-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared. Management (Electricity) With the controlled power outages in California, the need to reassess how electricity is managed becomes ever more apparent. This article proposes a localization of power production through … Continue reading

The Princess Plan by Julia London

This is a lovely historical romance with all the wonder of Cinderella alongside the firm independence of a Victorian woman who thought herself safely beyond the troubles of marriage. Her independence is not that of a modern woman but rather … Continue reading

A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

I wasn’t ready to reach the end of this book, and not because there’s a scene or two I wanted to see live instead of in flashback or discussion. I didn’t want to pack these characters away. That’s the sign … Continue reading

Memories of Mist by Valerie Comer

Valerie Comer’s romances tackle realistic situations that can fall under the “truth is stranger than fiction” banner because some character types are rare in romance. Memories of Mist is a better example of this last than most through Myles, the … Continue reading

Frost and Flame by Gena Showalter

Science fiction romance requires a balance between the elements, which can be a struggle to maintain. In Frost and Flame, it’s more science fantasy, but the relationship develops along with the story in very real ways. It’s open-door romance and … Continue reading