End Transmission by Robyn Bachar

End Transmission is the conclusion of the Galactic Cold War series, a science fiction romance that blends galaxy-wide conspiracies with strong, complicated characters. This book revolves around the doctor and engineer whose antagonistic relationship has been a source of frustration … Continue reading

Shadowblade by Anna Kashina

Shadowblade is a wonderful story about loyalty, honor, and doing the right thing in an environment ripe with treachery and scheming. While having some similarities to high fantasy, this world has a distinct Arabian Nights feel in both the scenery … Continue reading

The Austen Playbook by Lucy Parker

Thanks to reviewing for NetGalley, I read a lot of “new to me” authors. Enough so the names don’t always stick. I started reviewing for this very reason…so I could remember why I wanted to pick up another of their … Continue reading

No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling

No Rest for the Wicked begins Phoebe Darqueling’s new series Mistress of None by introducing a mixed cast led by Viola Thorne–cardsharp, con artist, and runaway scam bride. As you might guess from that description, Viola is far from the … Continue reading

The Cowboy’s Romantic Dreamer by Valerie Comer

I’m a long-term fan of Valerie Comer’s books because of the way she writes characters who feel like real people and make you care. She also takes on serious problems, whether how we manage our food supply or a variety … Continue reading

Outcast by Z.A. Waterstone

Z.A. Waterstone managed to duck later book issues again with Outcast, the third in the Echelon series. While this story builds on the events in the two previous books, besides a satisfying continuation of the greater story, Outcast resolves a … Continue reading

Death Be Charmed by Katie Epstein

Everything I mentioned in my review of the first book holds true for Book 2 of the Terra Vane Series as well, with the focus on fun characters with complicated (very complicated) relationships. The world continues to be full of … Continue reading

Butterflies on Breezes: An Urban Farm Fresh Romance 2 by Valerie Comer

I read the first Urban Farm Fresh Romance early last year, so it’s been a while, but despite this new story jumping right into the thick of things, the little reminders were enough to ground me. I wished I’d read … Continue reading

The Calderan Problem By Joseph R. Lallo

It took me a bit to read the next in the Free Wrench series, but the book holds up to my love of the series, offering fun and laughter with a tinge of seriousness. I quickly slipped back into their … Continue reading

Riftmaker: A Steampunk Portal Fantasy by Phoebe Darqueling

Phoebe Darqueling creates a fascinating portal fantasy where animals take human form and humans become animals through a mix of magic and pseudo-science. The novel explores ostracism, race relations, and the unproven logic that separates societies into classes so some … Continue reading