5 Interesting Links for 05-22-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared. Coins (Ancient History) Coins can give insight into the time of their minting as demonstrated in the examination of coins minted to commemorate the Bar Kokhba rebellion when Jews rebelled … Continue reading

The Cowboy’s Reluctant Bride by Valerie Comer

This novel is the perfect full circle for the series in a lot of ways. The Christmas connection is the most obvious, but themes and history intertwine between the first novel and this one. The emphasis on faith is stronger … Continue reading

A Royal Kiss & Tell by Julia London

This is the second in A Royal Wedding, a series where royalty steps beyond the bounds of expectation to find true love. The series is more than only romance so far with this book also containing intrigue, though not a … Continue reading

Fire & Ice by Patty Jansen

I’ve read other books by Patty Jansen, and like her science fiction, so I picked up one of her fantasies to try. This world is complex with many layers running through it. There are few simple answers or clear villains … Continue reading

5 Interesting Links for 04-17-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared. Household Objects (History) Household objects we now take for granted often have curious or even checkered pasts. Here are some glimpses of how they came to be in our lives. … Continue reading

Ready for Love by Marie Force

For a small place, there sure are a lot of love stories on Gansett Island, and each with a different path. Ready for Love picks up a year after Joe and Janey found their much-delayed happiness, but though Luke and … Continue reading

The Iron Crown by M.A. Grant

This is the third in a tightly woven series where the events overlap to create a beautiful tapestry founded in Celtic myth yet with elements all its own. Each novel is a gay romance where troubles in the fae world … Continue reading

Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina

This book is a cross between a Victorian Era romance in tone and steampunk in world. It is delightful, and I regret waiting so long to read it after I purchased a box set of the first four books on … Continue reading

Lander by J. Scott Coatsworth

Lander is the second in The Oberon Cycle and a middle book, though one with its own issues and resolutions. It starts right after Skythane, making me wish I’d binge read the two though I rarely do that. There’s a … Continue reading

The Electricity Fairy by Alex Mar

Loïe Fuller, or La Loïe, is the inventor of modern dance as we know it. She transfixed her audience through movement embellished with light and costume design. This short history reveals the moment where she takes a small, uncredited part … Continue reading