Wishes on Wildflowers by Valerie Comer

I love a good second chances novel as much because it gives people the opportunity to change as the conflict inherent in knowing someone so well before but knowing them not at all now. This book adds in another factor … Continue reading

Death Be Raven by Katie Epstein

When you’re a dedicated reader like me, you develop a list of authors you can count on to match a specific book mood. Katie Epstein quickly earned a spot on that list, and with the third book in The Terra … Continue reading

Merchants of Milan by Edale Lane

Book One of the Night Flyer Trilogy invites you into the lush world of 1502 Milan during the Italian Renaissance. Wealthy merchants had almost as much power as the ruler, and the rule of law did not apply to them. … Continue reading

Fool for Love by Marie Force

When I finished book one of the Gansett Island series, I picked up the next two because I liked how the series modeled the supportive aspects of love, whether between partners, parents and adult children, or true friends. Fool for … Continue reading

The Seep by Chana Porter

This is not an easy book to review. What makes it fascinating is both simple and so integrated that I struggle not to reveal what should come out as you read. Not every reader will appreciate the novel as, though … Continue reading

Headliners by Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker consistently delivers a story with humor, poignant moments, and a realistic look behind the curtain or camera as the case may be. The characters are well rounded with as many flaws as strengths. This book builds on the … Continue reading

The Vanished Birds by Simon Jimenez

Let me first state this is not your typical science fiction novel. It has spaceships traveling through pocket space, space stations and colonies, and agreements made between commercial and political authorities, for sure. But these elements, though critical, are handled … Continue reading

Rich, Rugged Rancher by Joss Wood

(Texas Cattleman’s Club: Inheritance series, Book 2) This is a complex story touching on some tough subjects in a way rarely tackled in romance. I was curious to learn how a Harlequin traditional line I’ve been reading on and off … Continue reading

Fortune’s Fresh Start by Michelle Major

I haven’t been a dedicated follower of the Fortune family romances, but the ones I’ve enjoyed combine conflicts around economic imbalance with characters trying to find their roots. It’s a strong enough connection that this title caught my eye when … Continue reading

The Cowboy’s Belated Discovery by Valerie Comer

This isn’t my favorite of the Saddle Springs Romance series, but it belongs to a tough crowd. There’s a solid story with growth in both trust and understanding as Garret and Tori come to terms with the fact that they … Continue reading