Reader Survey Part Two: Genres and Projects

I’ve been writing for a lot longer than I have been publishing, whether in traditional anthologies or my indie novels. This means I have a backlog of novels I believe in that I haven’t put in the editing or publication queues. Having too many options is almost as bad as having none at all, so I’m polling readers to help me figure out what to put in the queue as I get nearer to finishing off some of my current series. I’m also playing with the idea of serializing one of these novels on my blog for free before bringing it out as a push to get it edited and ready to roll. You can read more about my thinking on both of these here: How Would You Like to Read?

This week, I’m looking at genre. I’m a multi-genre author (you might have noticed this from the sidebar) and have completed novels in science fiction, fantasy, and romance that are sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to act on them. This poll will help me decide which genre and which project to put on the schedule next.

The poll is in two steps. Please vote first, then click the “Stories” link next to your choice to see descriptions of the available projects in the broad genre category and to vote for the one(s) you think would be fun to read. I’ve grouped the titles into fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and romance/paranormal for efficiency’s sake. If you vote for one subgenre but prefer the description of a novel from another, go ahead and mark the one you want to read.

You can also explore and vote on the other genres if you wish. I wrote these descriptions based on my memory of the novels rather than rereading them, so this could get interesting. I know just doing this step has recharged me about the various titles, all of which have bugged me for a chance to shine.

Note: You’re allowed to mark 3.

Which of the below genres is/are your favorite?

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