Quick NaNo Update

Slowly but surely, I’m gaining on where I should be. If I’d somehow managed an additional 10k today, I’d be all caught up. But still, I managed just under 3,300, with my current total being 10,533.

It’s out of context, so the nuances might not come across, and remember that this is raw first draft, but I liked this exchange amid disaster and wanted to share.

The lead up is that Karth’s friend has just been killed, and his men discovered that another adventurer is behind the whole situation. Karth is not sure they’ve understood the information correctly though and asks them to give him more detail where they’ll have some privacy. Below is a moment of levity between Karth (the MC) and the youngest of the recruits he is supposed to train.

They started toward the bench that Darvin had set aside, though word would spread faster than Karth could keep it contained. He had to find the truth in this.

“Sir, why me?” Vass whispered, drawing close so the others would not hear.

Karth laughed, unable to help himself and needing the lightened atmosphere. “Because I cannot be sure to get many more words out of Peck there. You, at least, have proven yourself unable to keep a still tongue.”

The expressions that chased across the boy’s face almost provoked another laugh before Vass shrugged. “If it gets me a seat with those in charge, I suppose I shouldn’t argue.”

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