I love to walk in the forests around Reno, and sometimes I can see things that aren’t really there. Even better, sometimes I can capture that angle so I can share the image with others. So, while it may not be a troll, the sun came up and was stoned to this fellow for sure:

Turtle Rock

Thanks to Erin for pointing out that I forgot to say, yes, I saw a turtle rather than a troll. It’s more that the detail is so perfect for a turtle shell that it looks like a Tolkien turtle turned to stone with the first touch of sun. It looks so real, I had to go up and check closely to confirm it was just coincidence.

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2 Responses to Petrified

  1. Heh. Looks more like a turtle to me, but I can see why you wanted a picture of it.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      LOL! Until you said that, I didn’t realize I’d left out what _I_ thought it was. Yes, I see a turtle too. Amazingly distinct. You should go look for it next time you’re in town. It’s on the stream path up at Galena Creek Park I think, though maybe on the not creek side.

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