One Being’s Trash Excerpt


One Being’s TrashKritchep watched the approaching ship on the console to the left of the isolator exit doors. The vessel contained a brand new species from a little explored area of the universe. Her breath caught and released through her mandibles in a quiet hiss as it came into view of the spoke cameras.Sleek and smooth at first glance, the hull became a million tiny facets much like her eyes in the enhanced view from the station sensors. But more than form, its function caught and held her attention as the pilots slid up to the anchor point on one of the radial spokes as though they’d done the maneuver a hundred times instead of this being the first contact. What she’d give to see inside their engine room, to access their technology!More than their engineering, though, this species offered the chance to get the master of Labyrinthe Station, her mother, to acknowledge her existence.blogscenesf

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