Focus on Characters: Beneath the Mask

Some authors come to their stories through genre, plot, place, or idea. I’ve almost always been driven there by a character who wanted to tell me something. I write Regency romance not because I planned to but because Daphne (depicted … Continue reading

The Fifth NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Wrap-Up

See all my NaNo 2017 posts. Last week I talked about how the National Novel Writing Month challenge (NaNo) had worked for me. The true chaos of it stood out as the main theme. I also mentioned maybe shifting some … Continue reading

The Fourth NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Endings

It’s been an interesting month for sure. Like many creatives, this year was not a very productive one, and I started November without much hope, having written a fraction of what I normally do each year. On the other hand, … Continue reading

The Third NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Distractions

Consistency hasn’t really been a thing this year, but I have managed to write–something–every day. I did a little better on average, I think, but managed to burn through a good bit of my cushion this week, then raised it … Continue reading

The Second NaNo 2017 Progress Report with Some Stumbles

Today, you get the treat of two blog posts instead of one, which is another way of saying I did not manage to post yesterday as planned. Still, the extra day gave me time to see that a temporary real-life … Continue reading

The First NaNo 2017 Progress Report (Hint: It’s Going Well)

Today is the seventh day of November and the seventh day of NaNo 2017. (Did you miss my opening NaNo post?) At this point, our valiant word adventurers should have reached 10,002 words and be working toward 11,669 words by … Continue reading

A Glimpse into a Writer’s Mind When World Building Plus a Multi-Author Giveaway

The first novel I wrote started as an anthropology assignment to create a society where gender is defined differently. My mind took that prompt and a mostly forgotten nature show on bizarre insects to create a people who were born … Continue reading

Spotlight on Seeds Among the Stars Plus a Multi-Author Giveaway

Readers often compliment me on how my characters feel like real people. I achieve that sense through my worlds, which exist in full form somewhere in the back of my brain. This drives how my characters act and react as … Continue reading

Your Opinions Please: Hollywood Immortals

As I mentioned last week, I will be working a table at Sands/Reno Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday. I also suggested I might be doing a panel, which is where the opinions come in. I will be on a … Continue reading

Come Join Me at the 4th Annual Sands/Reno Comic Con

The 4th Annual Sands/Reno Comic Con runs September 23rd and 24th from 10 in the morning to 5 or 6 at night (depending on the day), so mark your calendar. This is an inexpensive, two-day event with all things science … Continue reading