Focus on Characters: Nat of The Steamship Chronicles

As I mentioned in Sam’s introduction, the cabin boy Nathaniel Bowden came about because of a desperate need. A book where the main character is both feral and stuck hiding in the steam engine room of a converted sail ship … Continue reading

Focus on Characters: Aubrey and Barbara of A Country Masquerade

Both Shafter and Beneath the Mask came into being as standalone novels. They were never meant to be the start of a series, but one of my talents is creating a whole world around my characters. My readers enjoy these … Continue reading

Focus on Characters: Trina of Seeds Among the Stars

I told you about the villain of the first book in Samuel, but skipped the main character, a decision I will now correct. If you haven’t delved into the Seeds Among the Stars, or even if you have, here’s a … Continue reading

Focus on characters: Samuel of Seeds Among the Stars

Everyone loves a good villain, whether that means unflinchingly evil, completely twisted, or working for the wrong side. I’m rarely able to introduce a character I can’t connect with, so my villains tend to have more going for them than … Continue reading

Focus on Characters: Sam of The Steamship Chronicles

Samantha Crill, or Sam as she prefers, first came to me many years ago, but I balked at the story. I couldn’t see how to be faithful to her nature while offering a character who connected with readers. You see, … Continue reading

Focus on Characters: Beneath the Mask

Some authors come to their stories through genre, plot, place, or idea. I’ve almost always been driven there by a character who wanted to tell me something. I write Regency romance not because I planned to but because Daphne (depicted … Continue reading

The Fifth NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Wrap-Up

See all my NaNo 2017 posts. Last week I talked about how the National Novel Writing Month challenge (NaNo) had worked for me. The true chaos of it stood out as the main theme. I also mentioned maybe shifting some … Continue reading

The Fourth NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Endings

It’s been an interesting month for sure. Like many creatives, this year was not a very productive one, and I started November without much hope, having written a fraction of what I normally do each year. On the other hand, … Continue reading

The Third NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Distractions

Consistency hasn’t really been a thing this year, but I have managed to write–something–every day. I did a little better on average, I think, but managed to burn through a good bit of my cushion this week, then raised it … Continue reading

The Second NaNo 2017 Progress Report with Some Stumbles

Today, you get the treat of two blog posts instead of one, which is another way of saying I did not manage to post yesterday as planned. Still, the extra day gave me time to see that a temporary real-life … Continue reading