New Story, New Venture: Exploring Kickstarter with BooksGoSocial

Vizions of the Future: A Kickstarter Anthology from BooksGoSocial
Have you ever supported something on Kickstarter? I’ve backed many projects, but this is my first time on the other side of the picture.

BooksGoSocial (BGS), an author-driven marketing company headed by Laurence O’Bryan, is exploring the world of Kickstarter through an anthology series promoting different genres. When they put out a call for submissions to the first BGS anthology, Vizions of the Future, the idea tweaked my interest. I wasn’t planning to try Kickstarter on my own, but working with a diverse group of authors and an experienced marketing team sounded much better than a solo effort.

Kickstarter also opens the way for a broader range of stories than most magazines who must keep within the expectations of their readers. With that in mind, I submitted a favorite, though odd, science fiction tale to the initial call. Lo and behold, BGS selected my story from the submission pile to launch this venture along with nine others.

What makes this announcement different from my usual release posts is the anthology is not yet available. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website where creators describe their projects and request startup funding from those interested in supporting the endeavor. This means you can be a part of the deciding factor in whether projects succeed or disappear.

BooksGoSocial is seeking funding to help cover editing, artwork, formatting, and printing costs so they can bring this anthology of stories they love to readers. Your contribution comes with a reward (much like PBS) that includes either an eBook, or both an eBook and print version of the anthology. Beyond the rewards, though, you get a hand in making this project happen.

My story is colony-based science fiction (like the Seeds Among the Stars series) with a group of intrepid colonists attempting to tame the wilds of a previously untouched planet. What makes it odd is the narrative style I adopted, a more folktale voice in homage to the ghost story that inspired the tale.

Fear not. For those science fiction purists out there, my story does not slip off into fantasy despite the source of the creative spark. Recall, however, how Arthur C. Clarke once said sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, or in my case, the inexplicable.

I hope you enjoy imagining what my colonists face from now until the anthology is released, something that can only happen with your support.

If I’ve sparked your curiosity about my story, and the anthology as a whole, click the below link to make your pledge. Supporting this Kickstarter means gaining the chance to explore nine other stories as well as mine in a variety of science fiction styles.

Come meet new authors, discover new worlds, and be a part of creating something wonderful.
Vizions of the Future: A Kickstarter Anthology from BooksGoSocial

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