NaNo 2011 Day 23

So, I’m still reading through the same two books, enjoying them both, but without much to report on that front.

On NaNo on the other hand, my novel took a tragic turn last night.

It’s been a while since I’ve written from such an immature outline. I did not have time to finalize it, so what I have is a jumble of possible scenes somewhat in order but without the sense of character that develops as I reorganize and finalize.

In some ways this is fun. I’m a quasi-organic with much of my organic phase going into my outline nowadays. Since I didn’t reach that step before November 1st, I’m seeing much of that behavior now.

Which brings me to last night.

My novel has two main characters, Nat and Sam (Samantha). One is the captain’s cabin boy and all around extra hand as he tries to make a place for himself on the sea. The other is in hiding (currently a stowaway) because she has an innate ability that others fear.

In my outline, they quickly trip over each other and she’s brought out into the light (literally, but I swear she’s not a vampire ;)).

In the writing, I was stymied by a well-named Mister Kyle Garth (thanks to my younger son for the name). Garth is the engineer, the sole body responsible for the cranky, early version steam engine that “assists” the sails on this ship. He’s unhappy in being assigned to a ship with so low standing, and he’s very possessive of his position as engineer, so much so that he’s suspicious of any attempt Nat makes to study Garth’s work, while Nat’s on a mission to learn every single aspect of the ship in the hopes of someday becoming a captain.

The outline told a tale of two young people banding together against a suspicious crew and fighting their way to acceptance.

The novel so far is similar but not the same in that only Nat is under scrutiny, and Sam’s unknown presence is offering fodder for Garth’s accusations, evidence where there has been no crime…or at least not one Nat is responsible for.

Ah, the glories of muse-driven writing. Fun, and yet horrifying all at once.

Is your NaNo giving you the same fits? Or if you’re not NaNoing, what are some of the tricks your muse plays on you?

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