NaNo 2011 Day 1

For some reason, every November, I catch some hideous cold/sinus so I’m miserable. This year is no different with most of the day under the pressure of a severe migraine.

I stayed up to start NaNo at midnight, and managed 738 words before my headache got too strong. It was not a bad start, but took much longer than it should have because of a decision to use Scrivener for the first time. Despite taking a class, I ran into some strange problems that required research before I could continue, mostly font size issues, in part because of the headache.
Then, when I finally got up in true morning, to discover the migraine had worsened, I realized my start was at the wrong place. Though the words still count, the story was back to an intimidating blank page.

Between the headache and “blank page syndrome” it took until late evening for the words to start rolling in, but when they did, they really did. I finished the day with about 2300 words, putting about 650 in storage for later needs.

So, what’s your first-day story?

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