NaNo 2007

New story — brand new. And now planned for NaNo because I really am insane. You’d think Con Shirt would have protected me from this, but there you go. I guess this year has been so crazy that I need a LOT of writing to compensate.

The first title was Sorcery and the Perfect Prom Dress. That can’t be the title anymore because oddly there’s no football with cheerleaders in spring. So not prom. Oh and it was supposed to be funny. Not working out that way so far. Gone from humorous to sweet romance. At least it’s still a romance. Oh, and now it’s a paranormal, actually it was from the beginning but it took me some 26 scenes to figure out that, hey, demon? That’s paranormal.

Sigh. I’m just hoping the story comes together in a tight package in time for NaNo. It’s that or I pull out one of my other outlines. I’ve given up on trying not to do NaNo. Every time that’s been the plan, the weekend before I grab an existing outline and run for it.

So this is the plan right now. We’ll see what comes of it after this story achieves full outline…and even what type of story it ends up.

And stats:
26 scenes
39,000 Estimated length

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  1. Sounds good to me! (This is RavenCorbie from Forward Motion).

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