My BayCon 2016 Panelist Schedule and a Request

BayCon 2016
My panel list for BayCon 2016 has arrived, and as usual, it has some fascinating ones…one of which I’m dying with curiosity about. I hope you’ll have the chance to drop in. These below are only a glimpse at the wonders awaiting you there at the San Mateo Marriott in the Bay Area from May 27th to May 30th. Programming runs from 12PM on Friday to 6PM on Monday with the Dealer’s Room, Art Room, DIY Room, and other activities open at specific times during all four days. Even if you can’t make it to BayCon, I hope this will encourage you to check out the genre conventions near you because they can be a lot of fun.

So, where can you find me?

My schedule begins with Are We Alone In the Universe? at 13:00 (1PM) on Friday.

The galaxy is old. Very, very old. So old that if there were other spacefaring civilizations they should have visited every corner many times- yet we see no sign of aliens. Why? Are humans the only intelligence in the galaxy?

Art Bozlee (M), Chris Butler, Todd McCaffrey, Tom Saidak, and David Gerrold will be there as well as we discuss the concept of alien life.

On Friday between 14:30 – 16:00 (2:30-4PM), I will be doing a reading with Cliff Winnig, so if you’re coming Friday, drop in for a couple of fun tales (and no, I haven’t decided what I’ll be reading yet :), so if you have any favorites, please mention them in the comments).

On Saturday, I’m part of a large collection of interesting folks assigned to the Magical Mystery Panel between 11:30 – 13:00 (11:30-1PM). The mystery? We don’t know what the panel is either, which means it should be chaotic, but sure to be fun. Joining me are: M. Todd Gallowglas (M), Kathleen Bartholomew, Jenni Brush, Dario Ciriello, J. L. Doty, Ms Sandra Durbin, Bonnie Gordon, Taunya Gren, Xander Jeanneret, Wanda Kurtcu, Jacquelyn Bartel, Steven Mix, John O’Halloran, Cody Parcell, Tory Parker, Tom Saidak, Sumiko Saulson, Elnath D. Shanks, Douglas Shepard, JC Arkham, and Fred Wiehe.

The description (I kid you not):

Mystery: A thing which we do not tell you until you get there, but for which we blame M. Todd.

Sunday between 16:00 – 17:30 (4PM-5:30PM), I will be on a panel exploring serious matters and creativity, called The Space to Move Forward, with Steven Mix (M), Lillian Csernica, and Fr John Blaker

Using creativity to counter depression, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt.

Finally, Monday between 13:00 – 14:30 (1PM-2:30PM), I will be moderating New Classics for New Readers, a look at modern titles that have what it takes to draw in new genre readers. It’s sure to be an interesting discussion, and I, for one, expect to come away from it with some reading suggestions for new readers and old. Joining me are Beth Barany and Ms Sarah Stegall.

It’s important and relevant to your wish to attract a broader, and younger, audience. Too often, when new readers express an interest, they’re given Tolkien, Heinlein, Asimov, etc. While some of the foundation writers are among my favorites, being open to a new genre shouldn’t come with a college reading list.

Beyond my schedule, I usually manage to attend a few panels as well as spending time in the hallways looking for good discussions and wandering about, so if you see me, please come up and say hi. I do note (based on previous experience) that right after a panel might not be the best time because we have to clear out so the next group can have time to get settled, but it’s worth a try. If I don’t have something I’m rushing to next, I’m happy to chat.

I hope this gives you a taste of what an SF/F/H con can offer (trust me when I say the range is as broad as the scope of the membership). I remember being terrified my first con, sitting in the back of the room and taking a lot of notes. I almost gave up that year, but then I got pulled into a hallway discussion and realized this was an open space to discuss questions large and small with people just as fascinated by the concepts even when we disagreed.

Finally, a request. I mentioned above I haven’t settled on my reading. To be honest, I have a very good idea, but that could change. Please leave a comment or drop me a note if you have a book, scene, or even one of my genres you think would make for a good reading. And do so whether or not you can come to BayCon. I have this plan, you see, to put up some audio excerpts on my blog for those unable to come to any of my readings, and here, I can put up a variety to whet your appetites.

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