May Challenge: Story A Day and Some (Part 4)

Story 6 – Prospects (Science Fiction)

What did I learn from this story?
Well, if you’d asked me two hours ago, I would have said that I could NOT write a short story based on something as thin as this even though I generated two characters to make it better:

The tired, rude gigolo who fears people think he/she is a fraud.
The graceful time travel technician.

However, I came up with an idea. I hate writing idea stories. They’re much harder, slower, and require more work in the edit.

However, about a third to a half of the way through, Pierre came to life, took hold of the story, brought it over the edge into risque so I had to excerpt a little bit to post on Forward Motion, and I happen to think it ends with a kick in the gut…

The answer then? If I let myself be open to it, even stories I craft rather than create can take on a life of their own and bring me joy.

Of course it’s at a WAY nasty length. Too long for flash and too short for anything else :p.

The prompt generator was:

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